My name is Francesco and I am from Genoa, the west coast of the Italian riviera.

The very first time I came across rap music must have been at 4 years old, watching MTV and dancing along to the Gorillaz in the “Clint Eastwood” video.

My deep passion for basketball, however, is probably what got me into the Hip-Hop culture in the first place.

Between NBA 2K’s soundtracks and the music recommendations of my coach, I got my hands on my first rap album: “Hip Hop is Dead” by Nas (the irony).

Soon after that, it was J. Cole’s “Friday Night Lights” and The Game’s “The Doctor’s Advocate” bumping from my headphones.

Through time, I have learned to appreciate the many sub-genres and styles of Rap music.

Today, my favourite Hip-Hop artist is Kendrick Lamar and my current interests are veering towards International Hip-Hop.


Here’s my top picks: