A$AP Rocky is out of Swedish jail and back on US soil awaiting the final verdict of his trial.

The American rapper from Harlem, New York must return to Sweden for the verdict on August 14 and could be facing six months behind bars, if the prosecution succeeds.

A$AP Rocky, AKA Rakim Mayers, has had to cancel the rest of his European tour affecting scheduled gigs in Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain, including Barcelona’s Sonar Festival.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past month, we’re going to inform you A$AP (cheap pun but gotta shoot my shots). The ‘Praise the Lord’ rapper spent a month in prison on a questionable assault charge, following a fight in Stockholm.

Footage shows A$AP Rocky and his security being followed and hit with a pair of headphones. The presumed assailant is then caught on camera complaining that his headphones were broken.


A$AP’s ‘F*ckin’ Problems’ drew an unlikely ally – The US President, Donald Trump, who tweeted his support. The President was made aware of the situation by a little known artist, Kanye West *cough cough* and his wife, Kim Kardashian *cough cough*. It’s bonkers that they’ve got a direct line to POTUS, according to TMZ. If so, in 9 years, Kanye has gone from singing about Power to having a direct line to the president.

Many people have been questioning whether Donald Trump is only interested in virtue signalling to draw support from the African-American community. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the Swedish government promised A$AP Rocky a fair trial but warned that Donald Trump could not influence or pressure the Swedish Justice System.


A$AP Rocky reportedly told the court that he was scared of the man, that he looked like he was on drugs and that his security is ‘not a naturally violent person’, according to Kim Hjemgaard and Maddy Savage.

More to follow on August 14.

For the time being though, let’s enjoy some Potato Salad.