We are five journalism students from the University of Sheffield who all have a keen interest in hip-hop. There are so many great artists out there internationally that don’t have a platform to be showcased on so MOTIVE plans to change that.

If you don’t know any international hip hop then we will open your world with our DISCOVER articles and features. And don’t forget interviews with some BIG artists!

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Although it is not the first thing associated to a white 21-year-old living in Sheffield, I am an advocate for the old school of hip-hop. Having a Dad that blasted Public Enemy and Run DMC when I was growing up gave me a taste for the genre but it wasn’t until I...

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My passion for music was ignited as a wee youngster and I quickly gravitated towards Hip Hop. I'm a fiend for intricate lyrics and admire the technical ability displayed by some artists. Overall, Hip Hop has been a massive influence in my graphic design work and now...

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Music has always been a big part of my life and my interest in hip-hop started in school with grime. While the raw beats and aggressive bars hooked me, it was the deep lyricism and chilled vibes that i fell in love with such as Last Night in Lagos by Krept and Dave's...

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Hailing from the British west country where the hip-hop scene is as alive as the crowd at a Nav concert, I was all-in-all pretty late to the hip-hop scene. That said, there are worse things than coming up listening to Kanye, Cudi and Gambino on a 3kg indestructible...

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My name is Francesco and I am from Genoa, the west coast of the Italian riviera. The very first time I came across rap music must have been at 4 years old, watching MTV and dancing along to the Gorillaz in the “Clint Eastwood” video. My deep passion for basketball,...

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