After five grams of magic mushrooms, the last thing you want is a Kangaroo squaring up to you… but that’s what happened to these SoundCloud rappers from down under.

Hip-hop duo Dooz & Blotto were camping with friends in a forest near their home in Melbourne, Australia. They had all been munching on hallucinogenic mushrooms, partying hard and freestyling around a campfire when they decided to go for a walk through the woods. 

They were feeling at one with nature as they reached the other side of the forest when, to their surprise, waiting for them in the clearing was an aggressive 6ft kangaroo. This wasn’t a hallucination.

“We were tripping balls and out of nowhere this f**k off kangaroo is squaring up to us,” said Dooz.

Showing weakness could have resulted in the kangaroo attacking, so with a bag of shrooms in one hand and their chests puffed, they squared up to the kangaroo. Luckily for them, the ‘roo took off and everything was fine, but holy shit.

The rappers are releasing their first EP, ‘Fuck your Systemsoon. It consists of seven tracks, five heard and two new ones. Their strong Australian accent and crazy stories alone make the EP worth a listen.

If you recognise the beat, it’s actually the Dabbla – Psychoville instrumental but they create their own beats too. Their style is similar to that of High Focus with old-school beats but with their own Aussie twist.

“It’s old school beats with a message and a quicker flow,” said Dooz.

Blotto produces his own beats too. They are independent rappers and this is their first release so it’s understandable that the mastering isn’t perfect, especially for the vocals in some tracks. 

The lyrics are based on their life, which primarily consists of getting wrecked by the sounds of it. Class.

To watch their latest music video click here.