It’s not often you hear about rappers from Dublin but Rejjie Snow continues to defy preconceptions of the genre and even questions his place as a hip-hop artist.

Everything started for the 25-year-old growing up listening to his parents’ music.

“I listened to everything from 50 Cent to whatever was on the radio, then with my Dad being African I heard lots of Nigerian music and as I got older I discovered all kinds of indie types of Hip Hop,” Rejjie said.

Feeling inspired, Alex Anyaegbunam, Rejjie Snow’s real name, started performing early.

“My music passion has always been inside me since I was young. I did a lot of Stage School stuff as a kid so I was always dancing and singing and shit.”

But it wasn’t until Anyaegbunam started using the internet when the spotlight came.

He says, “I never really tried to get recognised. I just made stuff in my bedroom and put it on the internet.”

Rejovich, the 2013 EP with album artwork of a KKK member sat on a park hugging a blind black woman was his first published work under the name of Rejjie Snow, and was an early stroke of genius by the newcomer.

His dark, lazy flow and distinctive Irish undertones quickly became trademark. Jazz Influences come through on the EP and he states his intentions of never following a standard song structure.

There is also a feature from a younger Loyle Carner, boasting the MCs vocal ability. Rejjie has “big respect” for his fellow UK rapper, claiming he has single-handedly “saved UK hip hop.”

However, he does not appreciate being compared to Loyle Carner, “Listen, I like all his music but we’re definitely not on the same wave. I just do my own thing.

“That is just what I think. I know sometimes it is hard for people to see otherwise but that’s just me being honest. I totally understand because I have a song with Loyle and I know we like the same type of shit but I’m in my own kind of space.”

Rejjie’s bite at the comparison shows his passion for his own individual style. Being unique is important to him and he displays this through his alternative twist on hip-hop.

“I came up through hip-hop so it’s obviously always going to have respect for that but in terms of the music I’m trying to make sure I won’t just limit myself to hip-hop. That would be silly. I’m trying to sing more and even play more instruments.”

Rejjie Snow’s fashion sense goes even further to display his individualism.

“I got into fashion through my Mam. She’s super into fashion so she always put me on to cool people and always dressed me cool – for the most part anyway. She’s my main inspiration. Also living in the city you have to look cool, you know how it is.”

Since his first release, Rejjie has gone from strength to strength, releasing multiple singles and two full albums. His most recent was ‘Dear Annie’ in 2018 reflecting how his style has mellowed from his dark beginnings.

Now Rejjie mostly raps about relationships, friendships and just general life. “It’s the tone I’ve found. I prefer it to be relaxed because I’m not really an energetic person. I’m just real chilled so I want to take a chilled approach to my music. That’s just the Rejjie swag you know.”