Leslie Endrodi is the main rapper for the Hungarian kings of freestyle, Seven Seconds in the Future.

The groups speciality is letting the audience decide what they want to hear. This makes their gigs highly interactive. The entire nine man band, freestyles every song in a fashion that is tailored to the audience’s request.

At their helm, stands rapper Leslie, age 31 accompanied by singer Bence Kádár-Szabó.

Snoop Dogg released Doggystyle when Leslie was six years old and he became obsessed with his older sister’s CD, even though his mom strictly prohibited it.

I was 6 years old. Snoop Dogg just put out Doggystyle. I have a sister that’s 9 years older than me, so she at the age of 15 was able to buy it.” recalls Leslie.

As he became more and more infatuated with Snoop‘s songs, the muffled sound of hearing it through the walls of the house was not enough. He needed more. And as any reasonable six year old would do when their whole world is preventing him from listening to Snoop, he decided the only option was to ‘jack’ it from his sibling.

“So one day she went out and I was able to sneak into her room and jacked the tape” said Leslie.

With his tiny hands firmly gripping Doggystyle, he ran back to his room to listen. Being careful not to get caught, he would listen to the likes of Gin & Juice with his ear pressed to his speaker.

“I went in my room locked the door and listened to the whole thing with the volume turned down low so I wouldn’t get caught. I would just be sat there with my ear to the speaker, bobbing my head” said Leslie.

From then on Leslie’s passion for hip-hop blossomed into an undying love for the art form. He even got “Hip Hop” tattooed on his neck.

“I know it’s a bit cliche, but in a way I feel it’s dedication as well. It’s my only tattoo.

“I was probably high as shit at the time, as I am now as well.” said Leslie as he smoked a big ol’ doobie – a warhead packed with the devil’s sweet, sweet lettuce.

But what shows more skill is being able to freestyle rap indefinitely. Not only that but he’s part of a 9 man improv band, that makes new music every time they play – imagine a jukebox comprised of songs you’ve never heard of, that is also tailored to what you want to hear. That’s Seven Second’s in the Future. They would be great for the morning commute, if only they were pocket sized.

Leslie was born and raised in Tampas, Florida but moved to Budapest when he was 23. Of course the hip-hop scene is smaller in Budapest than the US, but there are still great nights out to be had.

Leslie said:

Yeah there’s a lot of good hip-hop here but you have to look for it. The Hungarian hip-hop is not really my style but that’s because my native tongue is English so naturally I’m going to gravitate more towards it.”

I saw Seven Seconds in the Future perform at Lampas – an edgy underground live music venue, not too far from the famous Szimpla bar. We had a great night and great pilsner.